Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress. Satin, not white but “blush”. Seed pearls at the neck, inset of tulle.

This dress was made by my grandmother. It was slightly rosy because my grandmother said my mother was too pale and she needed color. It fit when it was made but by the wedding, Mother had lost weight — you can see it’s slightly baggy. She and my daddy were very happy; all my life I knew that!

When I married my hubby, Mother offered me the dress. I was thrilled; also thrilled that it fit. Although the tulle had disintigrated, Mother replaced it.

We had a simple wedding, with cheesecake made by our next door neighbor, my sister sang, Mother sewed the tablecloths and we found a sell-out of violets, so there were flowers everywhere. We’ve been married many years now. If happiness can be handed down through a dress, I’d recommend this one.

Funny thing, years later I was visiting Mother and saw her wedding picture. My first thought, “Why is she wearing my dress?” A small example of how we are always the star in our own lives, even if we try not to be…