Hand Sewn Raggedy Ann

Handmade Raggedy Ann doll. My grandmother sewed this for me. My sister, the tomboy, got a Raggedy Andy.

This doll is not the first one I received. The older doll was hugged into oblivian – yarn hair in flags, an eye missing, the dress faded and limp. But both of them were made just like in the story, with a little candy heart packed into the stuffing and the eyes of real shoe buttons. I never liked dolls really, but I slept with my Raggedy Ann for years.

If you’d like to reread the stories, here’s a link . They seem rather tame now; I doubt any modern child would read them.

The other object from my very early years was a small stuffed rabbit. I regret to report that it was made of real rabbit fur – the softest you can imagine. I don’t remember having it but evidently it was my “blanky.” When we closed down the house after Mother died, there it was, nothing but bare leather. All the fur had been loved away.