Photo: On the Water in Norway

Norway fiordPicture taken in Norway.

This is another of my Daddy’s pictures, taken on our first European trip, visiting my Norwegian sister, Merete.

Coming from Colorado, we were used to mountains, but our mountains are dry. Those in Norway sprout myriad waterfalls and Daddy called them the “leaky” mountains.  Everywhere there was water; the long bays of the fiords along the coastline, the thin silver threads of the waterfalls; when the sun comes out, it’s glorious. 

Actually, sunshine is somewhat of a rarity.  When the sun appeared, Norwegians pulled off the highway, took collapsible chairs from their cars, and basked.  I can imagine the need to soak up as much sun as possible; for a quarter of the year they barely see it, a condition I would find difficult although my sister says winter is cozy.

That summer we drove the scenic route from Oslo to Kristiansund, where my sister’s family lived. It was slow going – up a mountain, down a mountain, around a fiord, up a mountain… 

Once we encountered a tunnel. We couldn’t see the proverbial light at the end; the road simply buried itself into the mountain. However, it was on the map, so in we went. Soon the only light was our headlights. Then the road took a sharp corner. Daddy stopped the car, took a flash light and investigated. Reassured that the road didn’t drop off into nothing, we went slowly on.

I always knew when my parents were worried: they stopped talking. After a very silent half hour, we came out the other side. And there on the road for travellers going the other way was a sign: ROAD CLOSED.

Here’s another of my Daddy’s pix that I love, taken in Germany…

Guest Post: Travel Charm Bracelet

charm bracelet denise Silver Travel Charm Bracelet. Inspired by posts of my own charm bracelet, Denise has shared hers with us. It’s much fuller than mine – she’s a great traveler. Plus she has personal charms on it commemorating big occasions in her life. The first two charms were for her 10th birthday and then for her first concert. (She played cello for many years.) If you look carefully you can see the Space Needle from a family trip to the Seattle World’s fair. She says in addition to the Fair, they visited tuna cannery, a cheese factory and a lumber mill; in fact most of her memories are of the trip, not the Fair itself!
DavidCharm steinArticulated cuckoo charm






The charms above are also from a family trip to Europe – a whirlwind, if-it’s-Tuesday-it-must-be-Belgium type tour. There’s Michelangelo’s David in Florence, a miniature stein from Germany and an articulated cuckoo clock. If you look at the entire bracelet carefully, you can see charms from Holland and Austria.

Denise’s family also traveled in the U.S. The tiny pinecone is from Carmel, CA and the Conestoga Wagon is from St. Louis where she went up in the Arch. She remembers feeling the arch swaying in the wind; makes my stomach clench to imagine! The one from Watkins Glen is from the car races; her father-in-law raced. Denise, not a connoisseur, describes them as long cigarettes with bars across the back; her husband says they were Grand Prix cars.

Denise, like me, doesn’t wear her bracelet often. It’s too jingly. Impossible to wear and type at the same time! But it’s treasured for the memories.