My first career was as a ballet dancer.  I pirouetted and got blisters from toe shoes in Colorado and then Germany.  In between, there was a stint in the circus.

Sick of pliés, I retired and built a house in Arkansas, fell in love, and finally moved to Los Angeles where I morphed into a computer programmer – my dad would have been astonished.

But I have always written: letters, poetry, short stories, novels.  A closet writer.  This blog is the first step in my coming out!

My daddy took this picture when I was still in school.  I’ve always loved it.
In Germany, the ballet company danced in the musicals as well as our ballettabends. This is one of my costumes for My Fair Lady.  

Once, running for a quick change, I crashed into an unlit scenery support backstage.  Reeled slightly.  Went on and danced.  Standing in the scene afterwards, one of my friends whispered, “Your eye!”  I had a shiner.  Back in the dressing room, our costumer sent to the kanteen for something cold to put on it.  The only thing available was a bottle of Sekt, German champagne.

I think this picture captures the joy of dancing, up in the air, thrilling.  And wasn’t I slim!

Taken again by my daddy.  He and mother traveled to Germany to see me dance and my Ballettmeister allowed him backstage.  I know they were glad to see me in a real company, performing in a huge opera house, my dream a reality.

The current me, computer programmer, writer, and mother to two dogs.  And I’m sorry my daddy never saw me in this, my current life.  I think he would have been proud.