Amboise and Loches (France, Spring 2015)

a to marketI have neglected this blog…been finishing a novel. But I need to march on through our French trip.  Today I’m writing about Amboise, one of my favorite places on our vacation.

There was a castle, of course.  As our hostess at the B&B in Chinon said, “when you travel in Europe it’s much the same – another road, another castle.”

I thought this castle special,but first we started in the town on market day. Not a market for tourists but with interesting cheese and vegetables, and locals shopping with baskets and on bikes.a bike shopping

a weird cheese











Check out these moldy cheeses. Like oysters.

After the market, we hiked all the way around the castle walls. The front is high on a cliff over the river and it’s walled on three sides. Some of the walls are from very early – 900 or so. I love the Medieval period and these walls definitely felt old.

a castle walls









a castle on river

Once we got inside the walls, we got lost; the area is large and it took us a while to stumble onto the main building and the royal apartments.  Nice views, Renaissance, nothing much to write home about.


a castle in arch




I did love the niche where carving took the place of wallpaper. BUT the donjon (dungeon) was a definite must see and the oldest part of the castle, not restored almost gave me a heart attack. More about that next time…

a carved wallpaper





  1. Now I want to see the donjon! The carved wallpaper is beautiful. Did you try the moldy cheese?

    • Terri Lewis says:

      Sadly, we didn’t try the cheese. We were travelling and didn’t want them in our suitcases. Nothing worse than clothes that smell like cheese!


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