An Engagement Ring

Art deco filigree ring, white gold with aquamarine stone.

Every engagement ring has a story.  Here’s mine.

My then boyfriend, now husband, told his family he had found a woman he wanted to marry.  He hoped to give her (me!) an antique ring, preferably with a blue stone.

His grandmother, whose first husband died very young, offered this ring.   It had been her engagement ring, but since she and her fiancé planned to elope, it was given as a birthday present.  No one in the family had ever heard story.

White gold is very soft and when I had it resized, the jeweler told me not to wear it all the time.  I ignored his advice and much of the marcasite detail has worn away.  The aquamarine is also scratched.  But I treasure the connection its story makes between me and my husband’s beloved grandmother.


  1. Terri Lewis says:

    This is the first official day of my blog. I will send out links once I learn how to run this thing. Thanks to my wonderful web designer at Hollenzoo. If you need a site, give them a try.

  2. What a beautiful ring, and such a perfect object to start your blog!

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