Antique Piecrust Table – Guest Post

The piecrust table is so named because of the little rim around the edge. They have 3 legs which make them an ideal table for serving tea or playing games because they never wobble. (Remember your geometry – 3 points make a plane…) Many of these tables, which became popular in the 18th century, are single, not double like this one, and the top can be tilted so as to move the table out of the way against a wall.

This table belonged to Denise’s grandmother on her mother’s side. She says it was always in the house where her grandmother lived, whether apartment or mobile home. Here’s a memory about her grandmother:

Grandma came over every week, sat at the kitchen table and gave herself a manicure with pepper red polish. I was little and laid on the counter while mother washed my hair. And my sister had to sit in her chair and practice reading “Why Johnny can’t read.” She’d sound out “mmmmoooo.” Grandma was very stylish, always in a snug bodice, tight waist, strappy high heel sandals and glasses with rhinestones. At one point she was dating “Howard.” She dropped by on her way to Los Vegas. Independent, she went to Hawaii and Acapulco by herself. I remember she kept a bowl of matches on top of the fridge. When the grandchildren visited, they got to choose what they wanted for dinner. I chose fishsticks or chef boyardee.

One time when I was there, my great granddaddy came over. He sat in the bean bag chair with an ash tray and said, “We’re going watch the fights. I’ll give you a nickel to bet – don’t tell your mother.”

To those of you who have been following this blog, we will return to the European journey sometime in the future – still to come Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and Norway. I just needed a break and thought perhaps you did too.


  1. A pretty table, but I love the way things remind us of people. I can’t imagine my grandpa sitting in a beanbag chair or letting me bet on boxing, but it’s nice to look into other people’s happy memories. Thanks for sharing!

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