This picture is from a Florida backyard: a fascinating flower with bananas growing above. The flower is about 9 inches long, far bigger than the actual fruit. The big red petals fall to the ground; I don’t know if the little yellow flowers will turn into bananas or not. This is my first banana sighting! They certainly don’t look like this in the supermarket!

The leaves on the plant are tall and dried out; in other words, it’s not much to look at. Since the bananas are still green, I can’t attest to their flavor. I read on-line that one should wait until they turn slightly yellow to pick them. Stay tuned; I’ll comment on this post when I actually eat one.

I got to wondering about where these little gems came from. Archeological studies in Papua New Guinea suggests that banana cultivation there goes back to at least 5000 BCE. The Muslims evidently caught on to bananas in the 900’s but Americans didn’t start eating them until the 1880’s. And if you think all bananas are yellow, think again. An article in the New Yorker describes fuzzy bananas with bubblegum pink skin, others with pulp the color of orange sherbet. There is a plant that produces bunches of a thousand fingers, each only an inch long.

Unlike many people, I don’t like banana and peanut butter; however I am fond of hot banana:

  • Peel a banana. (I once had a dog who ate anything, including banana skins.)
  • Put into a bowl with 2 chocolate chips.
  • Microwave for 2 minutes.
  • Mash the chocolate into the banana.

Enjoy your pudding, feeling virtuous that you’re getting a serving of fruit, but the taste of full-on chocolate.


  1. Robin says:

    Sam says, “Only TWO chocolate chips?” Ha, ha… Sounds like a great dessert to me. Personally I like my bananas cold. And in the blender with cocoa powder–for chocolate “ice cream”. I’ve had red bananas before. Jim and Sam like green ones. Those make my teeth hurt!

  2. I like frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and nuts. Mmmmm! I’ve never seen banana flowers before. Cool 🙂

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