Birds and other wild life

A day roaming Florida beaches. boys2

bird upside down

Spending time outdoors rejuvenates me. My natural habitat is the mountains, but in a pinch the ocean will do: wonderful smell, the sound of the waves, and entertaining birds. This sunless day was particularly soothing. Then these young boys passed us, their swim trunks a jolt of color. Not exactly “wild life” …

Did you recognize the sea foam? That little bird ran up and down, sticking his head into the sand as the waves retreated and racing away when the water returned. His body was completely still as he ran: a feathered blob over the blur of legs. A living cartoon.

jellyfishI think this might be a jelly Fish. We saw several of them. This one was still alive; the air pod was moving. But because I have often heard about jelly fish stings (my father once had a terrible one), I was afraid to pick it up and put it back in the waves. I was surprised that the sand was so grey in this closeup shot.

bird with ruffThis is a new bird to me. I think the ruff and the orange beak makes it clown-like. There were many of them, clustered around the fishermen, hoping for handouts I’d assume.

little surferLittle surfer

sea grapeThis is Sea Grape. It can grow to tree size and it likes to be planted in sandy soil. The new leaves are the size of dessert plates.

fishing kitWe went out on a long pier that was clotted with fisherman. The colors of this gear and the shapes caught my eye.

bird with pink beakPink Beaked Beauty

bird with boThere were bunches of pelicans sitting on rocks. Sometimes their feathers look like fur. This one made me laugh, airing out its arm pits. Notice its feet, like thin rubber.

white pelican 2Most of the pelicans were brown. This white one held itself aloof as if its color conveyed royalty.

Next time, a return to Italy, to an olive oil tour. Did you know it can be tasted like wine? Tune in for details.


  1. Julie Hayhurst says:

    Great Pictures Terri 🙂

  2. Cat Lazaroff says:

    All the birds are in winter plumage, which makes them harder to ID then they would be in the summer (breading season). And without a look at the beak or anything to gauge size, the first bird is particularly hard to ID – maybe a Dunlin?

    The second bird is a tern – Royal Tern I think, given the orange beak & black legs. (court jester, perhaps?)

    The third bird is an ibis – a juvenile White Ibis.

    The pelicans are all Brown Pelicans, despite the lighter plumage of the second. The browner birds are juveniles, born in 2014. The “regal” bird is older, rendered dignity through maturity.

    Birds display their age, their caste, sometimes their sex, through their varied plumage. Not unlike humans with their motley garb…

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