Black Cat Canister

Black Cat Decanter or Cruet. Research shows it might be Shafford redware, although the Shafford cats have green open eyes, and this one has little “v” slits. About 10″ tall, red paint intact. The red bow has streamers down the back.

This belonged to my husband’s grandmother (whose ring I was given for our engagement). Odd the things you want to save. Of all the things in her house, this was what my husband wanted.

He was close to her. She took him bowling and then to a coffee shop, Ships, in Los Angeles. He remembers that his sister saw Robert Wagner there. He never saw a movie star, but the times spent with his grandmother were special.


  1. admin says:

    From my husband’s sister:
    Actually Mother was the one who saw Robert Vaughn (the Man from Uncle), not Wagner, at the Ships in Culver City. Wish it had been me, but she knew how I adored him and David McCallum (spelling?) in that show and bravely asked for his autograph for me. I still have it.

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