Ellis Island

flag and skyline2
statue of libery back2Before I leave NYC and return to Italy, a couple of pictures from Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty (which I’d never seen from the back).

Glorious day. The skyline spectacular. And the information on a short tour by a Park Guide (Ellis Island is a National Park), fascinating.

I always thought that names got changed in the U.S. For instance, Lewis was putatively Ludvig before my ancestors left Germany. But I found out the change was occurred in the old country. Seems there were three ports from which an immigrant would sail. When they bought their ticket, they were listed on the ship’s manifest. Suppose a German was sailing from Italy; those are two very different languages. No wonder there were changes. statue of libery close

Also on the manifest immigrants answered some questions like did they have any money or did they have a job in the U.S. Surprisingly the last question had to be answered, “No.” America didn’t want jobs taken away from citizens. Anyway the number of questions increased over the years as various fears took hold. My three favorites were

      Are you an anarchist?Ā  Are you a communist? Are you a polygamist?

through the trees
When you arrived in the US, after sailing past the Statue of Liberty, those who had paid for first or second class tickets were left ashore freely. But those who had paid the $25 (!!) for 3rd class went to Ellis Island where they were processed. Part of the process was answering the questions again. If you answered differently, back you went.
You could also be sent back if you had trichinosis, an eye disease. For other, curable diseases, immigrants were taken to hospitals where they received food, a bed and treatment FOR FREE. That’s something to be proud of, I think. Something NOT to be proud of is the racism against foreigners. I know the Irish felt it and here, on this picture in the museum, you can see the Japanese were targeted also.

On the way to the ferry, we passed the Marine Sailors Memorial. Take a look at where the tide rises to and think about lost sailors. Mariners memorial I’m going to close with 2 closeups. The one of the city skyline is untouched It looks to me like history in the sky. (You can see why I love my camera…)

Next week we’re back to Italy unless I get hijacked by another idea.gullold and new


  1. Some days I wonder if people will recognize their bad behaviors in real time instead of waiting generations to discover that history will look at them very badly for their racism and hate. At least many of the people at Ellis Island managed to become part of America!

  2. Julie Hayhurst says:

    As always,great pics Terri, I enjoyed them. Didn’t know you were going to Italy again šŸ™‚ Lucky you. Enjoy!!

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