French Art Gallery Poster

Tylek & Tyleck Poster:a French Art Gallery Exhibition.

I have been to Paris quite a few times. I even have a favorite hotel, inexpensive (for Paris) and within walking distance of almost everything. It’s in an old house but wonder of wonders, it has an elevator. Very small and shakey, like riding in a wooden cigar box, but when your room is on the 5th floor and you’ve walked to the Louvre, Notre Dame AND the Eiffel Tower, much appreciated. Some of the rooms look out over a church and you can hear the bells. There is also a small coffee shop/bakery nearby where I invariably order pain au chocolat and sit, watching folks from the neighborhood pass. It’s not touristy and the pastry, made with bitter chocolate in the center, is not too sweet. What a way to begin the day!

I speak a modicum of French, evidently with a decent accent because whenever I get up the nerve to say something, a befuddling pour of words is thrown back at me. My French breaks down quickly, but nevermind, the bit I have mastered has saved me some of the experiences of non-speaking friends. One was denied coffee at the base of the Eiffel tower; it was rainy and chilly but the vendor pretended not to understand her request.

Once my husband went alone into the catacombs while I was visiting the Cluny museum, Medieval art not being his thing. Unable to read a single word, he walked and walked down the corridors of bones, meeting only two people, a non-English speaking father and a son. After a while he began to wonder if he was supposed to go back. When he finally found an exit, it dumped him onto an tiny alley. Bam. The door closed behind him — no retracing of footsteps — and he couldn’t ask directions. Luckily he found a main street and from there the Metro. I’d like to note that the Paris Metro is terrific. Just the Art Deco entrances alone are enough to make me a fan.

So, the poster. It was tacked on the front desk at my hotel. The exhibit was over the day I was to leave, so I polished my best French and asked if I could have it. Yes! I love the fairy tale feeling and the bold colors. Somehow I managed to get it home without much damage and now it festoons a door in my house.

A couple words about the artists. They are Czech, attended the National School of Fine Arts in Brno, and are married. I found this link – in French – if you want to know more. (Don’t ask me to translate!)


  1. Love the poster, but now you’ve got me afraid to go to Paris since I’m pretty sure I’d end up dumped in an alley like your husband πŸ™‚

    • Terri says:

      Just don’t go to the catacombs! The metro is fabulous and the Louvre! For an artist like yourself, there’s no place like it. When we were there it was open late one night and we went. Practically empty. Only 10 or so around the Mona Lisa (I’m not a fan, but during the day there were 35-40 crowded around it.) We wandered for several hours in bliss.

  2. Heather says:

    Lucky request! Good for you, and what a nice image to have in your workspace, too.
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoy every single one of your posts!

    I have never really been to Paris- but when I go, I’ll be asking for the info on that hotel. Sounds great!
    I wonder how my (probably) Moroccan-accented French will go over…

    • Terri says:

      If you try French, they love it. You might be asked to repeat several times…no matter, I always am asking them to repeat. I once was forced to break into pantomime, sort of humiliating but it gets the job done πŸ™‚

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