Gecko Belly

The belly of a gecko taken through the window.

In addition to loving the stories surrounding the inanimate objects in my life, I’m a big fan of nature. For my first successful essay in college, I wrote about standing on a street corner, waiting for a bus. It was fall, the leaves a sodden mess, cars splattering past and my mood was rotten. But as I waited, I turned my face up toward the branches of the tree overhead. The sun poured them full of golden light and beyond stretched blue, blue, clouds, blue. The top of my head blew off and my mood exploded into such happiness! Ever since, I’m on the lookout for the power of nature.

Nature in Florida, where this shot was taken, is bigger than most places. The beetles are oversized, the cockroaches humongous, and the ants, which run in packs, ubiquitous. I have to admit that bugs and spiders are a side of nature I don’t enjoy. One night in Florida I left out a half-full glass of hard cider. In the morning, floating in what I must assume was a cheerful death, was the largest bug I’ve ever seen, either a palmetto bug or a beetle. *Shudder*

On the other hand, I find the geckos charming, although I draw the line at wearing one for an earring. I did some research for this post and discovered that the poor little things can’t blink. They use their long tongue to clean their eyes…some of the charm just fled! They have specialized toe pads – you can see them in the picture – that allow them to climb any smooth surface such as windows, ceilings. Evidently the only material known to cause them walking problems is Teflon. I’ll close with a closeup of a gecko foot on glass.

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