Happy Anniversary

In soft focus: Husband, 5’11; Wife, 5’4. No weights divulged.

Although I already wrote about the wedding dress, today’s our anniversary, one that ends with a zero, so I wanted to honor it. If asked how long, hubby says, “Forever.” Typical male reaction in my experience.

If you think his hair looks a little odd, that’s because I cut it the day before. I’d been cutting it right along, seeing as we were very cash-strapped. But never with an audience. With his grandfather watching and commenting, I made some rather nervous snips and the hair got shorter and odder. Hubby has said the next time he gets married he’s going to the barber.

So after the wedding, the marriage began: Happy, happy, fight, happy, laugh, go on a trip, fight, happy, laugh, fix up a house, another trip, fix a bigger house, fight, lots of movies and dogs, laugh, laugh, laugh. That’s what it’s been like.

So excuse the short post. I’m off to make some celebratory salad.

ps. To see us in focus and laughing, go to the home page…


  1. Aren’t you cute? Wishing you another _0 years!

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