Mannequin on the Move: Movie Castle

A piece of set decoration from Mannequin on the Move. It’s made of thin strips of lacquered balsa and is about 2′ high. There were several of these made as centerpieces for a scene in the movie.

My husband, who was in the industry at that time, worked on the film. When he got notice about the job, he called me at work. “I’m going to Philadelphia to make a film.”
I laughed, “Oh, really?”
“I leave tomorrow.”
“You’re kidding! For how long?”
“Six weeks.” Then, plaintively, “Can you come home and help me pack?”

Making movies is a grueling job, unless you’re the star. I got an occasional call and he was always exhausted. He’d tell me about a late night schedule change and how he was up until 3AM sliding the new schedules under actors’ hotel room doors. Or how difficult it was finding parking for the various trucks with equipment and the “honey wagon” – the bathrooms. Glamorous the job was not!

Since I had never been to Philly, we arranged that I would fly out for a few days when the show was wrapped and he’d had a night’s sleep. I got in late afternoon; he had just finished, after being up for 36 hours. We went to dinner and I swear, I thought his face was going to literally fall in the French Onion soup he ordered. My first evening in Philly was spent reading in the hotel bathroom so he could sleep.

He gave this castle to his nephews. We also had one, but it was fragile and when we moved, we sold it.


  1. It’s too easy to forget all the invisible people who make movies great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Robin says:

    Great story. It doesn’t look 2 inches high in the pic!

    • Terri says:

      That would be 2 Feet! Double quote is inches – or do I need glasses – I think it’s a single quote 🙂

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