Musée de Cinema – Paris, 2015

cinema marionette

Cinema museum. Way, way out there in the “real” Paris. Didn’t see many tourists but a lot of “arty” young people. It’s a musée de cinéma, not film. We have to give up my passport for the audio-guide, a slightly unnerving proposition because it’s filed in a casual box by the ticket taker. A very nice museum, with lots of artifacts collected by a single man who was fascinated by the history of moving picture.

Funny the things that entertained people before movies/TV. If they moved at all, it was miraculous. This automaton, for instance.

This little circle was spun. You looked through an aperture to see the blacksmith pound on iron.cinema circle

In a bow to the East, there was a nice shadow puppet. Hubby and I once saw a traditional performance in L.A. at a festival. It seemed endless and boring but then we are spoiled by real movies…

cinema shadow

There were many posters. Loved this one: Who, What, When, Where…

cinema poster

When we got to the modern film, there were lots of clips. Charlie Chaplin waltzing through the assembly line! Also many kinds of cameras. Hubby saw a particular projector he looks for on eBay. Hope he never finds it. It’s huge! So that was the film museum. I checked my passport several times when we left.

A great thing about Paris is no matter where you go, there’s something interesting to see. Take a look at these shots taken as we walked (and walked and walked…ok, we went by metro to the cinema museum, but then walked 6 more long blocks…) A random tower, a peek at the Louvre pyramid, and a rent-a-bike location (for brave souls – the traffic, while not as crazy as in Italy, was intense). Note the wet streets. Another rainy day.cinema tower


Next up: A food tour of Montmartre.


  1. I’d think that automaton would scare children. Beautiful photos. Glad you got your passport back in one piece!

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