This is Orbit, the energizer dog in a rare moment of repose.
She is all tuckered out after a day of chasing squirrels and her own tail, barking at dogs lucky enough to get a walk, and running from window to window to monitor foot traffic outside the house. She’s sleeping on her two favorite toys. The bird has since been pulled to pieces – my hubby calls the pieces road kill. The sheep was messed up at the factory: instead of saying baaa when squeezed, it quacks like a duck!

Speaking of squirrels: this one hunkered in the backyard fence, trying to figure out if it could get into the bird feeder and/or avoid the dog.


  1. Barbara Escher says:

    I remember when you had a dog named Sprocket. Your ability to come up with unusual names makes me chuckle. It’s very you! (I should not assume – perhaps it’s Brian who names the dogs??)

  2. Terri says:

    We name them together. “Orbit” was named for her energy but before we knew she chased her tail when excited – just like she was in orbit. Name list: Schatze (German shepherd), Spatzle, Pooh Bear, Gizmo, Sprocket, Cookie, Pushkin and Orbit. All very loved. Oh, and there was a cat named Piglet – she was the reason Pooh Bear got her name. We tend to go in sets.

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