Pienza and Montepulciano, of the great wines

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Pienza. Love the back streets. And since it had rained, not many tourists.

The duomo is wonderful – painted ribs in the arches, pillars that are round and then go to square. So many little niches in the town.

Drive to Montepulciano. Luck into free parking. THIS is a hill town. Hiking up and up twisty cobbled streets, passing myriad shops including an iron monger, a cheese seller – the famous pecorino displayed with real grass and the table of a person who makes mosaics. Lots of wine shops but the Montepulciano is too pricey for us, even though I love it.
cheese shopmosaic shop



Lion of Florence is on a wall. We’ve seen them all over Tuscany; those nobles of Firenze had a long reach, but only if you don’t compare then to the Romans. .lion


Finally the town opens out onto a big plaza. The church is unfinished outside – just brick. And the inside is a simple arch. Kinda boring. But there is a della Robbia. Love the guy!

There are bell towers everywhere. I loved this free-standing bell struck by what looks like Pinocchio. This is a close up; the bell is on a tower way above the street. Thank heavens for the camera my hubby bought for this trip – it’s a marvel.


Clouds lying low on the hills. I must say I love the Italian clouds – they are so artistic! Every vista with them is beautiful. I can understand why so many churches have clouds and cherubs in the ceilings.

Behind our hotel is an olive tree full of unripe fruit. I tried to convince B to eat one; unsuccessful. He remembers the story of me eating one in Greece — ack, ick, pooey, spit, spit, spit!

Dinner with ½ bottle of Montelcino wine – the best of this trip. ½ bottle does us in. Stagger home, happy. Love Tuscany and it’s NOT raining.


  1. Some day I’d like to see sights like this, but in the meantime I’m enjoying looking over your shoulder. Thanks for sharing!

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