Pitigliano, Italy

Returning to the Italian trip, on the home stretch! Driving on a cloudy rainy day.
We are heading towards Pitigliano. My hubby picked out the town after watching a Rudy Maxa program – I was skeptical, but WOW.

At first it didn’t look like the pictures. I asked (in Italian) and understood everything the guy said (yay). We were in the modern town. A 20 minute walk – Ecco.
pitilano 6

We were starving, but luckily, just as the town hove into view, there was a  real mom and pop trattoria. We had a lovely lunch while looking across at the town.

Pitigliano is totally perched over two ravines with views down both sides. Its water comes from an aqueduct built in the deMedici time.  Looking in shop windows is always entertaining – never know what can be seen. I liked the old cash register. pitilano 5 The cat I posted earlier, but since it’s my favorite picture from the trip, you get it again.pitilano 7




We walk and talk about buying a house here. Sell the our current place and move. Then as we leave, we both think, we’d last about 3 weeks before going stir crazy. Nice place to visit but…
pitilano 4






BTW, it stopped raining while we were in town. We really have been blessed. The countryside around here is different – not plush, more scrappy. We see chickens and roosters. And different trees.

Next up: Orvieto.


  1. Robin says:

    Love the cat pic!

  2. Julie Hayhurst says:

    Great pics Terri. Yes the Cat picture needs to be framed 🙂

  3. I don’t know how I missed this post. It looks like you were blessed in this city! And yes, I like the cat pic too 🙂

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