One of two current dogs; rescued, as were all our dogs. Leaves fluffy bits in every corner of the house. Named because of her furry coat – a Dr. Zhivago type character, winter in Russia. She looks sweet, compliant and lazy, lying on the rug after a day of playing. Hah!

She’d been with us for a couple of weeks when two guys made a delivery to our house. I carefully shut the door, whatever we ordered was set down, and I’m signing the paperwork when I hear, “Come back, nice doggy.”

One of the men had opened the door and Pushkin was OUT. After much running, calling and swearing, to no avail, I got in the car to search. A couple of blocks away, she was socializing with a woman and her children. She showed no shame when I pulled her into the car. Just a happy panting grin that said, “I can’t wait to do this again.”


  1. MARY says:

    4/21/13: Just watched DOGS 101 on Animal Planet and there is a woman in Texas who makes sweaters, shawls, mittens and RUGS out of her dog’s hair. turns it into yarn! Since her dog is still shedding happily for those items, perhaps you should save those shorn locks and then Puskin too can be worn around your shoulders someday.

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