Roman Ruins: Oplontis

motoslemon groveJust so you don’t think we saw only the ruins, a couple of shots of Sorrento. Motos everywhere and with the traffic, totally understandable. We saw a couple of dogs riding on them. With their owners of course.

The other shot is of an organic lemon grove. We went at the end of a long day; my feet were stubs. We went down the path to a little table, where a woman with a great Italian accent says, “Would you like to try some lemoncello?” Of course. She opens the tiny fridge behind her and pours us a swig. Wow! We bought a bottle and my hubby carried it all through Italy without breaking it. We now have a taste of our vacation some nights.

And now OPLONTIS… the villa of Nero’s second wife, which was discovered under the town of Torre Annunziata. In fact, the huge swimming pool (she was rich) cannot be totally excavated because it’s partially under a modern apartment building.Oplontis from Above

windowOplontis, unlike sprawling Pompeii which was filled with all classes of Romans, was a mansion for the 1%.  Compare the size of it with little box houses in the slide show at the bottom of my post.

We spent a couple of hours here, walking through room after frescoed room. Even the ceilings were decorated. One of the craziest rooms I called the zebra because it was black and white diagonal stripes. (Didn’t photograph well…)

There was definitely a color scheme, as you can see: gold and pink. Perhaps they were brighter in 79AD, but I love the feel of it now.

wall w poolroof

Notice the little decorations at the end of the roof. Reminded me of the little protrusions to break up falling snow on our slate roofs. But this villa never saw snow, unless you count the falling ash that buried it, so they are just decorative.

Finally a slide show of wall décor. I was amazed at what they felt decorative. Grasshoppers, anyone? And don’t miss the strangely art deco bubbles.

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  1. Julie Hayhurst says:

    Great Pictures Terri, thanks for sharing.

  2. Heather says:

    Oooh, those frescoes are delightful!

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