Salt and Pepper Shakers

My grandmother-in-law’s salt and pepper shakers.

The stamp on the bottom seems to indicate they are from the Moriyama Mori-machi factory in Japan, mid 20th century. Hand painted. Well loved.

My grandmother-in-law was a feisty woman. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I was given the engagement ring from her first husband. For a while, we lived close enough so that we could drive out to visit her on holiday weekends. Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July. She lived with her second husband on the border to Nevada and our visits always included a family outing to a casino.

Now I’m not a big gambler. And we were not exactly rolling in dollars. My husband and I would set our limit to 10 bucks each and I’d head for the nickel slots. I could make those nickels last for hours – it was more fun to watch the people than to see my money sliding away.

This grandmother used to cook for us – some of my husband’s favorite foods, like 3-bean salad – and so I chose these as momentos when she died. They sit in my kitchen and remind me of the times we spent together. Strange the things that we want to keep, that come to represent good times. My husband chose the cat canister.

If you have time, I’d love to hear what little object invokes a loved person or place in your past. Just write your comment below. Or if you want to submit a picture and your story, click on “Submission for Family Objects“.

Hope you are enjoying the summer. Stay cool.

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