Sentimental “Old Master” Painting

“Old Master” portrait, girl with a pink ribbon in her hair, in the line of the famous Pinkie. The back of the frame is old wood; the visible gold trim appears to be gesso, but it’s some sort of very early plastic I’m guessing. The pink inset trim is velvet.

This masterpiece was found by my grandmother in the junkyard in Salina, Kansas. She was an eccentric, my grandmother. As a child I didn’t like to go to her house because she never had anything entertaining for kids. The best thing was the window to the front door, which was round, suggesting a ship.

But when I became a teenager, she taught me how to bake cinnamon rolls from scratch. I’ve kept the recipe through the years; written on the back of an envelope, it was my talisman for success. I still can bake killer rolls. Her advice included: “Keep the dough loose, loose when you knead” and “Always rinse the measuring cup and add to the dough so as not to waste a drop.” (Sounds like a woman who would haunt a junk yard, rescuing treasures, don’t you think?)


  1. I have the same picture, in a very similar frame. I think the details are plaster on a wood base. I think I would’ve liked your grandma. Cinnamon rolls and junk yards? Yay!

    • admin says:

      Sorry I took so long to approve. I was at work and couldn’t remember my password!

      You think that’s plaster? It has a kindof “ping” when I hit it with my fingernail. But interesting that you have a similar frame.

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