Swedish Vase

Hand blown Swedish glass vase. Bought at the Kosta Boda glass factory in Stockholm, Sweden. 6 inches. Weighs about 3 pounds.

My family went to Europe the year I turned 19 and at one of our stops we toured a glass factory.

In each country I had been collecting charms for a bracelet – Mother’s great idea. This was totally my own: impractical, breakable and odd. I didn’t have a house or even an apartment but I loved its weight and color.

A measure of that love is that I’ve managed to keep it intact through 13 major moves. (I wrote them down to count, ignoring little moves like the summer I housesat for various ballet dancers in NYC, trying to get a foothold myself.)

The vase is now displayed in the cabinet my sister gave me. You can see it sitting next to the conch. I would put it out where it could catch the sun but our dogs have very active tails and complete disregard for furniture – bumps while playing are part of the fun!

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