Bahamas (Feb 2017)

009coast guardBefore I get to Switzerland and Germany, I want to do a couple of posts about our cruise.  No, that’s not our ship on the left. It’s the armed coast guard boat that escorted us out of the harbor.

Getting to our room was a bit claustrophobic with the baggage waiting in the corridor, but we had a porthole and when we woke up, this was our view, a perfect start to a day at Coco Cay.

port hole


little boy

Coco Cay is an island owned by the cruise line. There was shopping (of course) and food (absolutely). The sea was aqua/green/blue. Some enjoyed it on foot, some in a boat, many with drink in hand. banana boat



I was fascinated by a tree, an iguana, the clear water.

orange trunkiguanarope post1

I’ll close with a picture of the hot tub which I call Satyr and Mermaids. Next up, Nassau. Note: click on any of the pictures if you want to see it full size…

satyr nymphs