Wooden Spoon

Hand Carved Wooden Ladle or Spoon which was created for me by my cousin as a thank you.  You may recognize it from my home page. I’m sharing its story at the request of a reader…

We had long been friends – our families vacationed together – and on my first trip to Europe we visited him at his army base (in Weisbaden I think it was). He and I sat together half the night talking. There had been a tragedy in his life and he told me the story. I might add he was handsome; we were both were young and flirtatious; he shared his feelings. A memorable visit.

At home I pondered long on what he had told me and eventually wrote a version of it, fully fiction but containing enough of the truth to be recognizable. I don’t want to put the story here because someday I hope to publish it, but I’ll share the first paragraph.


Like an elephant, I’m good at sorting through the memories stacked inside my head. I’ve heard about people whose memories are wobbly or gone. Not me. Say I have a mind to, I can twirl a wrench or make coffee and think myself back to where I lived until my voice changed and my beard came in. Little town smack in the middle of the country, surrounded by big fields. I once loved that place, but since the accident, 30 years ago though it was, I keep those particular memories hidden at the bottom of the pile. It makes no difference though, I can’t lose them; they are mine to keep forever.

I sent him my version of his story and after a while he sent me this spoon in thanks.  So now I think of him when I ladle soup!  I should add that he also carves batons for well-known conductors, creates copper drawer knobs from scratch, and is a full-on artist who works with his hands. This page is a callout to my cousin, my friend.