West Virginia Flowers

West Virginia wildflowers in April. I don’t know their names, but the flowers below are tiny, none more than an inch.

My parents both loved flowers. Daddy made beds of them around our house: lobelias, sweet alyssum, salvia, petunias, and geraniums. Mother carried a book that identified wild flowers when we traveled or camped: columbine, fireweed, scarlet paintbrush, queen anne’s lace, buttercup.

There was one flower, however, that was anathema: the dandelion. Daddy said it ruined the lawn and waged ongoing war against it. Home from work, in his suit, he’d grab one of Mother’s kitchen knives and dig up any offenders. Mother always said he ruined her best knives in the dirt, so one year for Father’s Day he got his own Dandelion Knife.