Greek Treasure Dish

Small pottery container bought in Greece. Incised with a Greek woman playing a harp. Bottom mark: “Copy of Classic Period 500 B.C. Hand Made Greece.” Inside a lovely aqua-grey.

Mother and I traveled together often. Aunt Sylvia (she of the carnival glass dish elsewhere on this site ) was Mother’s usual travelling companion but she fell and couldn’t make the Greek tour. So my brand new manager at my brand new job gave me time off. (One of the best managers I ever had.) We had a blast, two weeks of traipsing through Greece with fabulous, knowledgeable guides.

I don’t remember what town we were in, but Mother was buying souvenirs and, as usual, selection was taking a while. I wandered out into the street to discover that there was a marching band coming, dressed in those white pleated Grecian skirts you see in pictures, with a drum major up front. I knew Mother would want pictures so I ran back into the shop.

Asking the shop keeper to hold this little container, Mother rushed out into the street and, walking backwards, took her pictures. I have looked for a copy of that photo, but it eludes me. So you’ll just have to imagine a short energetic woman, salt-and-pepper hair, camera in front of her eyes, walking backwards down a Greek street while the band plays and marches.