Thai Wall Hanging

Antique wall hangings from Thailand. Fake.

I was lucky to have a job with a global company. I got to travel to many countries, and although there was more work than play on those trips, I always got out and looked around. These little wall hangings were bought during my trip to Thailand, modern copies of antique forms.

I had three days after a conference in Bangkok and decided to travel up to Chiang Mai. With no reservations, I picked out a rather inexpensive hotel on the internet that had openings. Unrated, but my friend and I could afford it. Turned out to be wonderful. Big room, cool, with tile on the floor and a window that opened out onto a quiet street in a non-touristy part of town where kids who were going to go “hiking” in the Himalayas gathered.

The woman at the desk directed us to restaurant in a traditional Thai house, all teak and built on stilts. We had to take off our shoes to enter the dining area which was one big room — I think the kitchen was under the main floor. The interior was well-worn, beautifully aged wood; real antiques of musicians hung on the walls. We ordered coconut milk to drink, since no sodas were served. The waiter opened an ancient refrigerator hulking in the dining room, took out two coconuts, hacked off the tops with a big knife, added straws and served. Sweet and cool, perfect.

These little dolls remind me of a special place.


  1. You have so many treasures from your travels. It’s fun for me to follow along 🙂

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