Turkish Box

Turkish Box w/ painted feast
Small treasure box. Camel bone, hand painted with a feast in a tent. 2 ¾ by 1½ inches. Bought in the Istanbul Grand Bazaar.

This particular box belonged to my mother and came to me when she died. We had toured Turkey together and in Istanbul, we each bought one on these tiny treasures. Mine, however, had been ruined.

You see, the boxes are carved of camel bone and my dog didn’t differentiate between her bone and a souvenir. The little box was well chewed when I discovered it.

The same dog once destroyed a small painting by my next door neighbor, Stephen, a well-known Colorado artist. My husband called me at work to say the dog had eaten the painting. Not the entire paper, mind you. Just the area that was painted. Huh?

Turns out the dog wasn’t an art critic; Stephen had used egg tempura. Just the thing for a doggy snack.

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