Tuscany and Asciano

landscape2Drive the Tuscany scenic path recommended by Rick Steves. So many forests around Volterra – beautiful. The tall pines lined up on the hills. trees


We tried to stop in Sienna but only saw the skyline – there were NO parking places although we drove for almost an hour. Not even paid places.


hilltownOnward. We’ve left the forests for rolling hills, the Crete Sensi, which means clays of Sienna. Some hills are plowed, some with winter wheat (a guess – light green.)

tree line

We stop in Asciano for lunch. Ate our first pastries of the trip. Almond and more almond. Yum. Wandered a bit, walking off pasta.
Some nice little corners in the town, including a belltower.tower



And no one around but the cat.








So far, it’s threatening but no rain. Someone’s umbrella is ready, though.umbrells


Driving on towards Pienza, we get a little lost – the girl in the GPS sends us in circles. I think she thought we wouldn’t notice.

But everywhere there is beauty…town or countryside.
back of houses


  1. You’re so lucky to get to see the sights. Nice photos. Thanks for taking the rest of us on the trip!

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