Volterra (without Twilight)

1 mountainsBack to Italy. It was a Sunday. Expected rain, but we get some sun. The little Alps are fluttered with clouds. We pass Cararra of marble fame and sure enough – blocks of marble for miles, starting with huge slabs, dwindling down to finial size, waiting to be sent away.

The real fun starts when we leave the interstate and go though the countryside. It gets more and more rural as we head up to Volterra. Some vineyards, a stand of pale barked trees. Then up and up; didn’t really expect such a hill, but then it’s a HILL town, silly.

We climb into town. A beautiful gate, then STAIRS. More than Vernazza, at least at first. Once in the city, it’s flat.3 stairs
The same beautiful nooks and crannies as elsewhere in Italy, but they feel more authentic because there are so few tourists.

3 alcoveWe wander the lanes and find the Roman Theater. Such a good view, leaning over the Etruscan wall.3 theatre


Have pizza for lunch, good pizza. I manage to ask in Italian if we can have ½ w/o sausage. Also find out that the roasted pepper is pepperoni. So, what’s the sausage?
3 arches
church stripes
Visit the Duomo. Striped marble on the outside, but the stripes inside are faux. Altar carved with the last supper – Judas under the table! Bad boy…the dog is biting him. christ deposition

A 1200 carving of taking Christ down from the cross is moving.

emblems  gate

The main square is enticing, old. Ensignias (not the right word) both inside and out on the walls. More dogs. Sunday and everyone is walking. And then the old gate. I love this town. Next post will be about the Etruscan Museum.


  1. Julie Hayhurst says:

    Citta’ bella e mi piace le piccole citta’

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the sites! It looks like you had a wonderful time.

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