Why this particular blog?

Writers need blogs, or so I have read. I’m a writer, why not blog about writing? Because there are hundreds of sites by writers with more information and experience.

I was a ballet dancer, why not blog about dance? Ah, for me, that’s in the sweet past.

While pondering a topic, I wrote a novel based on a stack of family papers: A letter from a lawyer and a paragraph intended to be read in court. A certificate of Guardianship. Tiny photos. They told the unknown story of my grandparent’s lives; if Mother hadn’t given them to me, the story would have been lost.

I began thinking about the many objects in my house. I love the antiques handed down through the family, the travel mementos, the colors and materials and shapes, the home they build around me. But it’s the underlying stories that make me smile or sigh.

I realized I had found my blog’s focus. I hope it will flourish.

Update: I’ve been writing this blog for a couple years now and it has mutated into travel, another of my loves. I hope my words and pictures will offer the reader unusual insights into oft-covered countries. If you want to jump right in, click on Travel.

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